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To purchase "Infant Massage, a handbook for loving parents" please visit the I.A.I.M. shop:


Childrens Massage eBook

Does your child seem restless, over-stimulated or constantly on the go?
Do they have trouble sleeping, or feel anxious or stressed?
Are you looking for a positive, nurturing activity you can do with your child?

A valuable parenting tool for parents and carers, this eBook guides you through positive touch games and nursery rhymes that you can do with your child, also including a section " Massage for Childhood Ailments". Natalie discusses just why positive touch and massage is so good for children, and lists many benefits for both the parent/carer and your child. The book is wonderfully illustrated by Rod Jefferson. Massage is very calming for children of all ages!
PDF format. Once Idibidi Kids has been notified of your purchase, you will receive your eBook within 24 hours.

For more information about the eBook please click here. To pay via PayPal "add to cart" below

The Guide to Children's Massage eBook is also available on CD (PDF format).

childrens massage eBook on CD


Unscented Massage Oil


$12.95 AU

unscented massage oilThe Unscented Massage oil contains:
• 100% certified organic massage oils (ACO 10282P)
• Not tested on animals (CCF certified)
• No preservatives
• That is all!! No nasty chemicals, no mineral oil, no essential oil and no fragrance

It contains a blend of cold pressed Sweet Almond oil and cold pressed Sunflower oil. Ideal for babies delicate skin, this is all you need to massage your baby with. This oil blend contains no essential oils as scent may interfere with bonding between you and your baby. Formulated by a certified infant massage instructor and former State rep (I.A.I.M.).

Sweet Almond oil: contains natural vitamins and rich in protein and vitamin D, particularly nourishing for the skin.
Sunflower oil: contains high amounts of vitamins A, D, B and E, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

Ideal for newborns or those with sensitive skin.


Mandarin Massage Oil for Kids


$17.95 AU

Kids massage oilIngredients: Certified Organic Sunflower oil, Mandarin essential Oil, Roman Chamomile essential oil, Rosemary antioxidant.

Ideal to use when your child suffers from anxiety, excitability, insomnia, or hyperactivity, as well as digestive complaints such as constipation and general tummy aches. This massage blend is calming for the nervous system and soothing for the digestive system. Recommended to use at bedtime to calm and relax your child in preparation for a good night's sleep.

Directions for use: apply a small amount in the palms of your hands to warm the oil, massage your child's body using gentle pressure, avoiding the face.

Use in conjunction with “Idibidi Kids Guide to Children’s Massage” eBook.

Not recommended for children under 12 months. Use with caution if pregnant. For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place under 30C (degrees celcius). Note: if in doubt about any skin sensitivities your child may have, please perform a patch test by placing a small amount of oil on the inside of your child's forearm. Wait 24 hrs. Any sensitivity eg redness, will usually present itself within this time. Wash the skin with warm, soapy water.


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To nurture both the parent and child...
To discover the traditional art of massage..
Both the parent and child wil benefit.

Please note: prices may increase without notice.
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