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Kids Massage in Schools
~ a child to child, seated, clothed positive touch program

Massage In Schools Program (MISP)
teaches students:

Self awareness
Self management &
Social awareness skills

MISP fosters positive relationships and enhances the
health and wellbeing of students.

Children develop greater respect and empathy
toward their peers through co-operation,
creating calmer and happier classrooms

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What is the Massage in Schools Program?

Massage in Schools (MISP), is a peer, clothed nurturing touch program, implemented in primary schools, child care centres, vacation care programs and out of school care, for children aged 4 years to 12 years.

MISP is an internationally recognised child centred massage program taught by qualified Massage in Schools Instructors worldwide. Idibidi Kids is a member of the Massage in Schools Australia Inc., a not-for-profit association that was formed in West Australia in 2005. MISA is the Australian branch that supports the international Massage in Schools Program.

Postive touch is crucial for
children's health and development

A simple but effective routine...

MISP is a simple routine that children give each other, and once implemented in the classroom, usually takes 15 minutes to complete. It is a CLOTHED, PEER MASSAGE PROGRAM, in that the strokes are performed over the children's clothing whilst they are seated on a chair.

Benefits for the children:

• a reduction in children's stress levels
• increased concentration at school
• increased motivation
• sleeping better at home
• a feeling of relaxation
• a greater respect for their peers
• the opportunity to say 'yes' or 'no' to touch

Benefits for teachers and staff:

• more harmony within the classroom
• starting the day more settled (after the routine)
• a calmer classroom environment
• children being friendlier to others
• an innovative program to introduce into the school curriculum

MISP brochure

Quote by Ashley Montague... "human touch is a basic behavioural need, and that without touch, human beings cannot survive"

Educational program

Kinesthetic learners are 'do-ers', that is, they use movement and activity to process information. Children are primarily kinesthetic learners; the Massage in Schools program is an educational program that can incorporate positive touch and movement in the teaching of the school curriculum subjects. Subjects include language, science, maths, geography, climate, music, nature and art. For example, children can pretend they are climbing down a rope, or climbing a mountain (using their arms to climb down the rope or their whole body pretending they are climbing a mountain).

The Massage in Schools Program

The MISP consists of a series of 15 strokes and movements that engage the children to use their imagination. The strokes and movements are performed over the childrens clothing. The Weather Massage is a fun, educational game that the children will also learn as well as the MISP. Once implemented by Idibidi Kids, the routine takes approximately 10 minutes. The children are encouraged to perform MISP daily to achieve the maximum benefits and to help the children remember the strokes.

Idibidi Kids will provide each classroom or centre cartoon drawings that depict each of the strokes, for example, the 'butterfly' stroke shows a picture of a butterfly; the 'heart' strokes show a picture of a love heart, and so on.

The program requires 4 sessions (approx. 20 minutes per session) plus a 5th session to implement the program including the Weather Massage and for a revision of the 15 strokes in total. Cost is per session for one class or for more than one class please enquire about the daily rate.

Child care / Vacation Care / Out of School Care activity or incursion

Are you looking for an activity or incursion the kids can do during vacation care/OSHC?

Are you a parent on the P&C committee at your child's school? Contact Natalie for a MISP brochure to be sent to you.


Rockingham Out of School Vacation Care

Beckenham Out of School Care (PDF)

Jellybeans OSHC p2 p3 (PDF)

Living Waters Lutheran College

Ph 0411 615 641 or contact Natalie.

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