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The Idibidi Kids Guide to
Children's Massage


For parents & carers of toddlers and young children

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Dear Parent or Carer,

The Idibidi Kids Guide to Childrens Massage: for parents & carers of toddlers and young children, is an invaluable book that not only explains how you can learn to massage your child, but includes a section on rhymes, songs and other positive touch games, massage and nurturing touch benefits, and why children experience stress and anxiety too.

The book is aimed at strengthening the parent - child bond and maintaining your special connection that you have with your child through positive, healthy touch and interaction and massage.

Do you have a restless or over-stimulated child?

Are they having trouble sleeping at night?

Does your child get anxious or stressed?

Are you looking for a positive activity you can do WITH your child or children?

If your answer is YES, you have found the right book for you!

Massaging your child has many benefits:

• strengthens the immune system

• reduces anxiety

• reduces stress hormones (ACTH and cortisol)

• a useful relaxation tool

• stimulates oxytocin

• activates the parasympathetic nervous system

• calms your child, from over-stimulation ('fight' or 'flight' mode)

• reduces aggressive behaviour

• helps to regulate and encourage the natural flow of the digestive (gastro-intestinal) system

• relief of constipation, wind and unsettled tummy's

Dont waste hundred of dollars taking your child to a massage therapist when you can purchase this eBook for a fraction of the cost!


(c) Rod Jefferson


Hi Nat,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email thanking you for your fabulous new ebook, I wish you every success with it and have read it from cover to cover and love it. Also wanted to say a big thanks for your advice on making the boys bed time work a whole lot better. I hadn’t thought of massage/positive touch as a way to reconnect with the boys (especially Ethan) to relax them before bed. I have been massaging both boys a little just before bed and it has not only relaxed me as well but certainly created a more harmonious bed time routine for us all. It’s a beautiful way to end their day (and mine) and they are sleeping through the night like babes...Bliss! Thanks again for your advice and I must say that reading your book gave me so many positive tools to use which I will endeavour to keep using for ever.

All the best,
Bec Hall

Hi Natalie
I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your eBook... I will be using your games at my little class for my daughter's girl scout troop in a couple of weeks. I've been trying out the games on my own children and it has been really great for them...and me - really a good bonding time....and speaking of bonding - my son is 9 years old and just these past 6 months I've really been noticing his need for more independence- hanging out with his little friends more and less time with his mommy and daddy...I think we are all having growing pains because of this...I actually find that I miss him so much and have been trying to come up with ways to keep that connection - that being said, I am now making it a point to massage him more...it has been truly the missing link - so crucial to keeping us connected -and he is obsessed with mommy massages now...I really need to pull Daddy into the loop because sometimes they have a strained relationship - also I have my two children massaging each other and doing the guessing game on each other's backs - really helps to keep the energy good in the house. So, I really want to thank you for your truly helpful eBook and all your encouraging words and advice. I will be in touch in the future. Thanks so much again. 

Be Well,
Mona E., U.S.A.

The Guide to Children's Massage

• Benefits for YOU, the parent or caregiver

• benefits of massage for your child

• making massage time extra special

• when to use massage oil

• which massage oils are recommended

• how to ensure you have the correct pressure and technique

• how massage can help your stressed or anxious child

• ways to avoid saying 'no' if your child asks for a massage

• rhymes, songs and other positive touch games eg The Weather Massage

• pictures to draw and other guessing games

• massage for childhood ailments including constipation

• research on massage and touch and further reading


This book is written for parents and caregivers, such as nannies, grandparents, foster parents and other carers of toddlers and young children, written on a basic level but with enough technical detail to ensure you will feel CONFIDENT massaging your child and have FUN whilst interacting in a positive way!

If you have a child under 12 months and are looking to participate in an infant massage course, or learn more about how to massage your baby, Idibidi Kids recommends contacting the I.A.I.M., either in Australia www.iaim.com.au or www.iaim.net international.

Contact Natalie for internet banking details or pay using your credit card below.

$9.95 AU eBook

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Infant Toddler Childrens Massage, Baby Massage eBook, author and certified infant massage instructor Natalie Garmson.
Learn how to calm and relax your child with massage! Enjoy your visit.