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Parent - Child Massage (4 to 12 years)

Parent & Child Workshop:
A fun, relaxing and nurturing well-being workshop that promotes positive self-esteem in your child, whilst strengthening your child's ability to learn through positive touch & movement!

Would you like to help your child ...

• Be able to concentrate and focus better on their homework?
• Learn practical ways to help them relax?
• Relieve anxiety and stress, especially in the 'tween' years?
• Get along better with other siblings?
• Discover how massage can be fun?
• Improve their health and wellbeing?
• Share a positive, nurturing activity together?
• Give YOU a massage in return!!


Parents and caregivers now have the opportunity to participate in a health and well-being 'positive touch' workshop with your child in Western Australia.

The Parent - Child Massage workshop is an adaption of the internationally successful Massage In Schools Program (M.I.S.P), now implemented in many schools, kindergartens and childcare centres around the world, including Australia.

The Parent - Child massage workshop is specifically aimed at children aged between 4 years to 12 years old. Only the parent or carer massages their child, or children (eg friends or sibling's) massage each other.

It is a clothed massage workshop, that is, whilst parents and children are learning the massage strokes with Idibidi Kids, the children remain fully clothed. This is a policy set out by the Massage in Schools Program. Children are usually seated when receiving a massage during the course. Apart from learning how to massage your child, or kids massaging each other, you will also interact with them through age appropriate games and activities to stimulate their development and encourage learning.

Parents have discovered...

"It is a positive action which I can do to help calm my child..."

"It has helped my child and I to bond and regain our closeness after going through difficult circumstances"

"The massage is a really good practical tool we can use as parents to help our child focus on their homework..."

"I really love it when I receive a shoulder massage myself in return!"

"It's great to see the whole family involved, taking turns to massage one another..."

"The relationship between his sister has improved dramatically..."

"It has really helped her learning by incorporating language and math through movement activites..."

Where to learn?

The kids massage course can be implemented:

• as an after-school activity
• on the weekend with a group of friends
• in your home as a one-to-one workshop
• as a school incursion / vacation care program
• in a child care or early learning centre
• in kindergartens

Workshop outline

• 15 massage strokes, focussing on the back, shoulders, arms, hands, head & face
• Fun games and movement activities using massage strokes and touch
• Information on how massage affects your childs wellbeing, both physiologically and psychologically
• Discover why touch and movement together are essential for your child's development
• Handouts and a review sheet of the massage strokes

Discussion time

In the kids massage course, we discuss:
• the benefits of massage for children (given by the parent or caregiver)
• effects of oxytocin on the body
• how massage affects the parasympathetic nervous system
• stress levels in children and adults
• practical tips on how to incorporate relaxation in you and your child's daily routine
• studies on touch
• various stages in children's development from 4 to 12 years of age.

back massageFun games & Movement activities

I bet you never thought you could bake a pizza or plant a garden on your child's back! During this course, you will also discover these fun games and other movement activities, including the weather massage sequence which is a favourite for all ages. You will find that once your children is receiving a massage on a regular basis, they often love to give you a massage in return -what more could a parent ask for!

Why is touch and movement an important part of learning for a child?

Children under the age of 12 years are primarily kinaesthetic learners, in that they require movement and touch in order to integrate what they have learnt. This helps them process more effectively what they have learnt. This course is specifically designed with children's learning in mind; to strengthen their ability to learn and process information as well as a practical tool that parents can use to help their child relax.

How does the parent-child massage course teach children respect?

A fundamental aspect of this course is that it teaches children respect. Children have the right to say 'no' to massage (and therefore 'no' to touch, even including the positive, healthy form of touch such as massage). The person who is giving the massage always asked permission to give a massage (this is a very important aspect of the program). Children are also encouraged to express their preference in regards to the pressure of each massage stroke; whether they prefer more or less pressure.


If you have a suitable venue in mind, eg a community hall or meeting room, please let Natalie know.

Choose between a morning or afternoon session (30 min workshop sessions).

How much space is needed?
Each child is required to be seated with space to walk around the chair. You will need to provide a suitable chair for each person receiving a massage. No oil needed!

$20 per parent/child for a 4 session workshop (Hopetoun). This includes Idibidi Kids coming to your centre and a parent guidebook.

$25 per parent/child for a 4 session workshop (Ravensthorpe). This includes Idibidi Kids coming to your centre and a parent guidebook.

For other locations, please contact Natalie on mobile 0411 615 641.

Like to know more or book a course?

Please contact Natalie from Idibidi Kids or to request a brochure.

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