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The First Touch (I.A.I.M.) program

I.A.I.M. international parent-infant education program


There are three ways you can participate in the parent-baby program:
public group, private group and individual.

What will I learn?

A lovely testimonial from a mum of an 8 week old baby:

Why did you decide to join a class? I had always planned to learn infant massage, but I ended up doing it sooner rather than later as my newborn baby was becoming increasingly unsettled (later turned out to be reflux).
Can you describe a bit about the environment. What did Natalie do to help you feel comfortable and encouraged? It’s hard to describe just how much Natalie did to help me. She is very calm and gentle which was exactly what we needed with a newborn baby. She was also very flexible with appointments. In addition to teaching infant massage, Natalie has provided much needed support, giving me fantastic advice on trusting my instincts and learning to read my baby as well as just being there and holding my crying baby so I could have a break. It was ultimately a conversation we had that lead me to seek early treatment for Jessica's suspected reflux rather than hanging on for her six week appointment with her paediatrician. Im really grateful to Natalie and her support during a really difficult time.
What benefits have you felt as a parent? I am much more confident in reading her signs and preventing her from becoming overstimulated and overtired.
What benefits has your baby experienced? I can really see Jessica starting to respond to the permission sequence and engaging in the massage with me. On a more practical level, it has assisted her with wind troubles - most notably when she was constipated from being on Gaviscon!

Our referral offer
For every referred friend that books a Parent-Infant Massage course, you will receive a complimentary organic baby massage oil (100ml bottle) of your choice (valued at $12.95!). For organic massage oil selection, please see our Products page.

Public Group

Class numbers: maximum 4 families (parents and bubs)

allow 1 hour per session
(5 sessions total)

parent handouts/booklet and a small bottle of organic baby massage oil

Please enquire here

"For those parents wanting to participate in a smaller group environment, this is an ideal opportunity to meet other parents and babies and to share experiences together in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere".


Private Group

Servicing towns including: Hopetoun, Ravensthorpe, Jerdacuttup, Lake King, Esperance, Newdegate, Jerramungup, Albany.

Location: Your choice, agreeable by the group

Allow around 60 minutes per session (4 sessions total), with the last session lasting approx. 1 1/2 hrs. Please contact Idibidi Kids to arrange dates and time.

Minimum 2 people required.

Included: parent handouts/booklet and a small bottle of organic baby massage oil

Please enquire here

"Participating in a group environment in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere is always a lot of fun; especially during discussion time on various developmental topics. Parents are always encouraged to share ideas and experiences. Perfect for MOTHERS GROUPS ".


Mothers Group January 2009


Servicing towns including: Hopetoun, Ravensthorpe only. Due to travel distance and fuel costs, the Individual program can only be facilitated in these two towns.

Location: Your house - Idibidi Kids will come to you!

Allow around 1 hr per session, with an extra 30 minutes for the final session (4 sessions in total). Please contact Idibidi Kids stating your preferred date & start time once you have registered.

Included: parent handouts/booklet and a BONUS 125ml bottle of organic baby massage oil. Save 40% and purchase Vimala McClure's "A Handbook for Loving Parents" for $20!

Please enquire here

"Registering for the Individual course is a more personalised one-to-one environment between yourself and owner/instructor Natalie from Idibidi Kids (former State rep. IAIM). Parents should view this course as an investment in their baby's health, wellbeing and development, for now and years to come ".


Baby Thomas with mum Melissa

What will we learn during the program?

The course will include:
• Oils to use for massage: 'what is the difference?' (cold pressed organic vs 'baby oil')
• Permission sequence
• Infant massage strokes (covering legs, buttocks, feet, abdomen, chest, arms, hands, face and back)
• Parent relaxation
• Behavioural states (awake and asleep cycle) in infants
• Environment for massaging your baby
• Touch relaxation technique
• Reading your baby's cues
• Babies crying & what it means
• Colic massage sequence (great also for wind and constipation in babies)
• Learn a traditional Bengali (Indian) lullaby to sing to your baby
• Benefits of infant massage
• Baby reflexes
• Gentle yoga inspired movement exercises
• Adapting massage for the older baby, tips and techniques for toddlers and beyond

What is included?
A parent handbook (detailing strokes and pictures) and a small bottle of massage oil for each participant.

For further reading, Idibidi Kids recommends Vimala McClure's book "Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents"

Please note: prices are subject to change without prior notice. . You will be notified at time of booking.

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