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Friday, December 11, 2009

6PR radio interview with Howard Sattler

In early December, I had the privilege of being interviewed on 6PR by Howard Sattler, along with Julie Richardson from Harlequin Consultants. Harlequin runs the N.E.I.S. program (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme), a government funded small business course, which I participated in. The N.E.I.S. course ran over one month, and in that time, I learnt everything about how to start a business! It makes perfect sense. Starting a business requires a business plan, this is a must! So by the end of the 4 week course, the N.E.I.S. program taught me everything from marketing, financials, insurance to legal.

Here is the audio of the interview with Howard on 6PR:

6PR interview.wma

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