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Idibidi Kids BLOG page contains information on infant massage. Idibidi Kids likes to support charities and not-for-profit organisations, particularly those associated with babies and children. Idibidi Kids blog page is also about raising awareness of infant massage to the community and promoting the benefits of infant massage and children's massage, both for the parent/carer and the child. It is also a way to keep the community up-to-date with what Idibidi Kids has been doing out and about.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Massage In Schools display at Edgewater Primary School, Perth, Western Australia

Recently, my son's school, Edgewater Primary School, celebrated its 25th anniversary; 1983 to 2008. Idibidi Kids was delighted to have a Massage In Schools display in the school library.
On display were the drawings of each of the 16 strokes for the massage in schools program. These colourful, character drawings are a way for the kids to remember the MISP strokes and sequence. As you can see from the photos, I also had the large MISP banner stand which displays photos of children participating in the Massage In Schools program throughout the world.
The Massage In Schools Program is a peer massage program for children aged 4 to 12 years of age. It is implemented by an internationally qualified Massage in Schools instructor (such as myself!). My role is to teach the kids MISP, which consists of 15 massage strokes, 1 permission sequence (ie asking their friend, or massage buddy, permission to massage) and finally saying 'thank you' to their friend for letting them do the massage routine. It is a series of simple movements that is taught world-wide. They do these movements over clothes on each others back, arms, face, head and shoulders. The key behind this program is that it teaches children respect and positive touch. There are many benefits of this program, for the children, the teacher, the school, for parents and for society. For further details, please visit
Congratulations to Edgewater PS for its 25th year! Ethan is currently in Year 3; he enjoys school and has had lovely teachers since he commenced EPS in pre-primary.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The BIG WALK for Princess Margaret did we go?

John Hughes BIG WALK: helping to raise money for the PMH Foundation

On Sunday 19th October, Idibidi Kids (Ethan and myself) participated in the John Hughes BIG WALK, to raise money for the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Foundation. It was a lovely day to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine! How did we go? Well, the start for the 10km was at 930am. I cant estimate how many people were there (lots!), old and young, individuals and groups.... Fitness First was on the stage giving us the pre-walk warm up, so we did that for about 10 minutes then we set off..... Ethan was trying to set a cracking pace, but with the numbers of people there all walking in the same direction (and the fact that we were all competing for room to walk) meant running was a little difficult in the beginning. Ethan was not happy! He can be a little stubborn at times; trying to run ahead, only to stop 2 minutes further down for me, waiting for me to catch up, with "that look"... the "mum, im not happy!" look. So we jogged, then walked, then jogged..... every time we saw a clearing we jogged a little more. I pointed to the Narrows Bridge, telling Ethan, "see the bridge, thats where we're jogging to" with excitement in my voice, encouraging him on. He seemed to take it in his stride (the distance); I thought for a kid his age (8 nearly 9) I was, and still am, very proud of his achievement. I cant say that at his age I ever jogged/walked 10km! We made it to the Narrows in about 1 hour. As we were walking across it, Ethan and I were looking at how far we'd come, in fact, we couldnt even see the starting line. By this stage he was pretty impressed, and had calmed down from the start. As we were making our way around the river, I heard a few people make comments about our shirts, especially how cute the name "Idibidi Kids" is. We had about 3 kms to go, and by this stage Ethan's legs had had enough. He had the energy to run but his legs were aching as they weren't used to walking/running the distance that they had done today! This made him frustrated, especially when I kept on saying, "come on Ethan, lets run!". So we walked the last few km's, albeit slowly but surely we crossed the finish line, having completed the 10km walk in just under 2 hours. Ethan was happy, but relieved, it was over! BUT we hadn't finished ..... as we were walking in to the finish line, they had a vintage car display on the grassed area next to the BIG WALK set up. The enthusiastic vintage car person that I am, there was no way I was going to pass this one up! So Ethan sat under a tree while I wondered on around looking at all the vintage cars (a display from the "Model A Restorers Club of Western Australia"); predominantly most of the cars were from 1928 to 1931. I managed to get Ethan to sit in the drivers seat of one of the cars, so I had to take a photo! (thank you to the lovely gentleman who was happy for Ethan to sit in his car). So to end the day, certificates in hand, we walked back to my car for the drive home.... and yes, we will be back next year!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

KidzaBuzz Family Voucher book

So what's the buzz at KidzaBuzz? Everything to do with kids of course! KidzaBuzz is proudly owned and produced by a West Australian family for West Australian families. It contains hundreds of discount vouchers to use at a variety of businesses and organisations throughout Perth and the South West. Vouchers can be used for the whole family, from babies through to teenagers (and adults!), so no one misses out. At only $20 the KidzaBuzz voucher book is a must for everyone!
Idibidi Kids has one voucher in the current edition of KidzaBuzz (note: valid Aug 2008 to Oct 2009) under the "SERVICES" section. This entitles one person to 10% off the price of a parent-infant massage course.

You can even fundraise with the KidzaBuzz book -its the perfect healthy alternative. For further fundraising information or to find your nearest stockist, please visit

KidzaBuzz also supports charities by donating their KidzaBuzz voucher books; charities including Assocation for the Blind, Autism Association, Cerebral Palsy, Red Kite and Mission Australia, Foster Care Association and Juvenile Diabetes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FREE Infant Massage & Touch Therapy seminar @ A.H. Bracks Library

ATTENTION all parents of babies and young children, expectant mothers, grandparents and carers....
You are invited to the next seminar "What is Infant Massage and Why is Positive, Nurturing Touch Beneficial to Babies and Children's Health and Wellbeing?" presented by Natalie Garmson of Idibidi Kids Massage.
This presentation is full of information regarding infant massage and touch therapy. Natalie also discusses how touch influences babies brain development and the importance of touch (crucial for your baby's physiological and psychological development), how massage benefits babies with colic and a brief overview of Idibidi Kids parent-child massage courses and workshops plus lots more. Books, articles and research papers will be on display for you to browse.
A jam packed hour not to be missed by anyone interested in assisting their child's health, well-being and development.

Date: Saturday 22nd November 2008
Location: A.H Bracks library, City of Melville, Cnr Stock Rd & Canning Hwy, Melville (in the library's meeting room)
Time: start 10am sharp to 11am.

Please view for further details.

SEATS ARE LIMITED... so please register by phone 0411615641 or filling in the contact form on the website.
Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!


Idibidi Kids tshirt

Here is a photo of Ethan modelling the new, funky kids tshirt! We will be wearing our Idibidi Kids tshirts for the PMH Foundation 10km around the river run/walk/jog (whatever you like!) on Sunday 19th October.... not long to go now! We have been busy training, (jogging and walking) along our beautiful coastline. Im sure its going to be a great morning (we are looking forward to it) as well as it being for a good cause too!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Dunn's Green Valley Festival

On Sunday 5th October, Idibidi Kids had a stall at the annual Dunn's Green Valley Festival in Wanneroo. Dunn's offers natural health short courses, workshops and seminars on their 10 acre property at 345 Badgerup Road, Wanneroo. You can also access the Herbal Health Clinic, offering a variety of consultations and herbal remedies, including botanical products, herbal teas (prepared on the property) and ointments. It was a day I thoroughly enjoyed in such a relaxing environment! (I havent felt that relaxed in a long time!). Be sure to visit the annual festival next year and come and say 'hi'.... (I must add my 'babies' were very well behaved and enjoyed the sunshine!).

Friday, October 3, 2008

Baby Massage sessions coming to Ellenbrook!

Idibidi Kids will soon be offering Infant Massage sessions at Unearthed African Spa in Ellenbrook. Unearthed African Spa is located at 33 The Broadway, Ellenbrook.
To get an idea of how Unearthed African Spa is unique from other day spa/ beauty parlours, here is a quote from Unearthed's home page:

"At Unearthed African Spa we have endeavored to offer you treatment of a cultural difference that will help send you on a journey to enjoy the wonderful splendor that Africa has to offer. Without the need of a passport.
From the time you enter Unearthed you will begin to feel like you are undertaking one of life's pleasurable journeys into a totally unique culture of tribal difference. One that will help you leave behind the pressure of the outside world.
Our range of packages are designed to appeal to anyone who believes they deserve total opulence. To leave you feeling completely revived both inside and out."

From the moment you walk into Unearthed African Spa, you feel welcomed by Helen and her friendly staff. There is ample space to park your pram too! The theme is obviously African, with each treatment having an African or Swahili name. An example is the Kipenzi Pregnancy Massage (Swahili for "Precious One").

For a complete list of services and products they offer, please visit

To follow their link to the Idibidi Kids Massage sessions, please view

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