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"An Introduction to Baby and Child Massage"
Information Session

South Coast of West Australia
including Albany, Esperance, Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun


Idibidi Kids is now offering one hour information introductory sessions on baby and child massage, for parents and health professionals. Natalie will spend the hour talking about the benefits of massage for babies and children, how massage can help relieve many childhood complaints and what is involved in the Idibidi Kids Parent Education course (which includes baby massage). The Guide to Children's Massage eBook on CD is also available to purchase. A baby doll will be used to show some massage techniques, however this is NOT a 'hands on' session for parents and their babies). For a full outline of the session, please see below.

Are you looking for an effective but gentle way of providing relief for your child with the following conditions?

Chest congestion
Sinus congestion
Headaches due to stress / anxiety
Tummy aches
Constipation (encopresis)
Muscular tension
Growing pains
Poor circulation
Conjuctivitis / blocked tear ducts

Massaging your infant or child is an easy and effective way that you can assist their health and wellbeing!

Whats more is that Idibidi Kids will come to you so you can relax and learn in the comfort of your home or centre, anywhere you choose!


How Idibidi Kids helped Ryder, 8 weeks old, and his parents

From the Powell family; son Ryder, 8 weeks old, specifically wanted to learn about the colic massage routine (which is included in the IAIM program) to help with colic and wind:

The Powell's were given an Idibidi Kids gift certificate by a good friend at work.

We loved the convenience of Natalie coming to our home at a pre-arranged time that suited both parties. We had plenty of time to get through everything and we felt relaxed and able to enjoy the session. Our baby was also quite settled being in his own environment. We followed the colic massage routine for the 2 weeks recommended and found it did ease colic symptoms. Our baby also enjoyed the massage; now that his colic seems to have subsided, we still massage him as part of play (we do it every night before bed which he loves and calms him down beautifully!). We feel it has helped with bonding as our baby enjoys it and smiles/laughs while being massaged. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to touch and play with our baby and know that he loves it! The service that Idibidi Kids provided was outstanding and we would thoroughly recommend I.K. to others who have had a baby. Thank you Natalie for teaching us an invaluable skill that brings so much love to our little family! We appreciate all your help and contact.

Colic research - paper

Read an article on the effectiveness of infant massage with a colicky baby here (PDF).
Source: The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Colic relief: massage for your baby - article
by Natalie Garmson

Article: "How massage and relaxation techniques will help your colicky baby"

Reflux relief: How massage can assist your baby with reflux: recommendations and overview
by Natalie Garmson

Article: "The Digestive System, Vagus Nerve & How Massage Can Assist Babies with Reflux"

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REGISTER your interest here to attend the information session

Private Group

Location: Your choice (your home or centre is preferred), eg Mothers groups or Playgroups
Duration: 1 hour
Workshop numbers: N/A
Cost: $10 each

REGISTER your interest here for a 'private' group information session


During the hour, Natalie will discuss many common questions about baby and child massage such as:

• Why we ask our baby permission to massage?
• Popular oils to use and NOT to use
• an example of an infant massage stroke eg on the leg or back
• Is there a 'best' time for massage?
• How long can I massage my baby for?
• The benefits of massage for your baby/child
• How massage can help relieve many childhood ailments
• Information about the IAIM Infant Massage program
• Information about the Massage In Schools Program, including some fun games for the adults to participate in!


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Please note: prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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